We can think of more reasons to choose us, but here are just five

How we stand apart

There are plenty of solar energy providers out there you can choose from. Here’s why we think Arcadia Solar is the smart choice.

We stick to our roots

We’re a family-owned small business that takes pride in the communities in which it serves. And while we’ve grown considerably over the years, we hold true to the values, ethics and standards that got us here.

We do it the right way

We continually maintain a fierce dedication to training and quality. All our installers receive several weeks of supervised training so that we can maintain an excellent standard of quality throughout all of our markets.

We’re always improving

We stay ahead of the curve by remaining knowledgeable of shifting rules and regulations within the solar industry. From evaluating new products to lowering costs, our commitment to innovation means more savings for you.

We’re there for you

With Arcadia Solar, you’ll never go it alone. We dedicate ourselves fully to energizing the lives of our customers. This means being continually available for support and providing fast response times to service calls.

We share what we know

We believe that a knowledgeable customer is an empowered customer. That’s why we place a premium on providing education and resources to help our customers make the best buying decision possible.


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