Turning your home into a source of unlimited clean energy is power

What we do

We do more than install solar energy systems. Lots more. We instill confidence in your ability to generate clean, intelligent and affordable power for your home on your terms.

Solar Systems

Arcadia Solar energy systems are meticulously engineered to supply your home with clean, inexpensive power that you can rely on year after year. We use only top-rated components and leading-edge technology to build systems that deliver a steady stream of power to your home while lowering your electric bill and shielding you from utility rate hikes. And we’ll be there for you long after installation to make sure everything is running smoothly. Our systems pass the eye-test, too. Their sleek, curbside appeal will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Smart Home Apps

Our easy to use app allows you to monitor how the energy generated by your system is being used so you can make energy-saving adjustments in real time. At any given moment and from any given location—thanks to our mobile app—you can gauge exactly how much power your system is producing and how much energy your household is drawing from it, as opposed to the grid. You can also assess and manage where exactly that power is going. So if your kids crank down the AC the moment you leave the house, you’ll know. They may call that creepy. You can call it smart.


Worried about how much energy your system can produce on overcast days? Worry no more. When it rains, the power still flows. Our storage solutions allow you to bank that extra juice produced by your system for those rainy days, so that you can continue supplying power to your home regardless of the weather. We use high-capacity, ultra-efficient LG Chem batteries to store that power reliably, so that you can keep that washer washing and dryer drying without interruption. (Sorry, no excuses for not getting the chores done.)

Powering Lives

At Arcadia Solar, we’re here to support your energy lifestyle with solutions customized to your needs. We’ll enhance your home experience with smart technology that will allow you to control your usage no matter where you are. With a Tesla or other electric vehicle, you’ll no longer worry about running out of juice before reaching the nearest charging station. We’ll supply you with your own EV charger so your bill doesn’t have to increase. And as always, our panels are responsibly sourced, because caring for the planet includes caring for its people.


Claim your basic human right to clean, affordable solar now. Schedule a free, no-pressure consultation with one of our experts.


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