Everything you want to know about solar but don’t feel like looking up on Wikipedia

Chances for Children

As a part of The Arcadia Foundation, we are honored to be able to assist wonderful organizations like Chances for Children in their admirable goals. Learn more about them and see how you can help out too.

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Part of the Club

Energy independence for countries is important, but what about us individuals? Not many people can afford to be fully self-sustaining right away. Yet there are always smaller, cheaper steps we can take to start the journey.

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Set Your Sights On Energy

When your electric bill surprises you with a sharp increase, your frustration is no joke. Avoid the extra stress with our very own WattWise app.

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Moving Solar Forward

Homeowners who choose to go solar deserve a quick, smooth experience from beginning to end. Unfortunately, the pushback that the solar industry constantly receives can slow things down and reduce the savings residents get.

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In It For the Long Haul

When you invest in a solar array, you’re in it for the long haul. Luckily, this just means you’ve got some fairly easy, simple work ahead of you!

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Home Sweet Home Value

Everyone says that solar will increase your home’s value, but how do you know it’s true and not just speculation? Both homeowners and househunters have to keep this question in mind as they consider taking part in renewable energy.

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Financing Your Solar-Powered Lifestyle

We’re no bank, but we still understand how important a credit score can be. Everyone deserves a chance to save money on their electric bills and live the energy lifestyle they want. Learn how to finance your own solar array.

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What Is Your Money Supporting?

Going solar is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to improve your energy lifestyle. But there’s a hidden cost to some panels: forced labor. How can you make the least harmful decision for yourself and the world? Know the right questions to ask.

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Go Green and Save Green With Solar Incentives

Want to go solar but feeling overwhelmed with all the options for both costs and purchase incentives? Check out our simplified explanation. Remember, we’re always here to support you with solar knowledge! If you have any questions, you can call us at 480-868-2710 or go to the contact form on our site.

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How Solar Works

Most everyone knows that solar energy is a clean, inexhaustible and affordable source of energy. But how does it actually work? How can sunlight run your washer, power a juicer and charge that Roomba all at the same time? It’s actually quite simple…

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