Amping Up Your Energy Lifestyle

Not all records were meant to be broken. Between the sweltering summers and bone-chilling winters, people all around the world are looking for ways to survive. For some, it’s as simple as turning the A/C temperature to their desired comfort level, or at least, the closest to comfort they can afford. For others, like those in Poland this winter, that can mean going to extremes. They have been burning anything they can get their hands on – whether it’s coal, oats, wood, or even garbage. In fact, despite all the projects being done to transition the world to renewable energy, it was forecast that global carbon consumption would rise, rather than decrease, in 2022.

Obviously, this is a problem – not only for those working hard to reduce global warming, but for everyone who has to suffer without supplies. Many shortages have caused a multitude of problems in the last few years, but this is one of the most serious. With the prices of coal shooting up due to the increased demand, many can’t afford to keep their home as warm as they need. This is especially thanks to the extreme weather effects of climate change.

There are solutions available, but if you haven’t already been planning for them, they might not come soon enough. So the quicker you start, the better. The easiest answer to not being left high and dry (or during the winter, cold and wet) by the coal companies and utilities is to install solar panels on your roof. The costs can seem pricey at first! But compared to what you’ll save in the long run, and most of all the peace of mind? It’s more than worth it.

Plus, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act passed in 2022, you can get up to 30% of the purchase cost back through tax credits. If an upgrade to your electricity panel is needed for the system, and/or if you want to install a battery for storage, homeowners will also get a 30 percent tax credit. Imagine how that will help decrease our carbon consumption!

Armed with a solar array and battery storage, you have a lot less to worry about when it comes to consistent power. In case of a blackout, or anything else that might affect a utility company, you’ll be prepared. You won’t need to stress about rising coal prices preventing you from keeping your home warm during the winter. If you don’t own your home, there may be community solar projects that you can join in on.

Between reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your overall costs, going solar is the best option for any household. You can feel more secure in your energy lifestyle with a full solar array. Storage is the most useful backup option if the power from the utility companies goes out. No longer will you have to stress about making ends meet in the extreme cold or heat. Bonus: you won’t be contributing as much to global coal consumption! Choose to break a new record: let’s make this year have the greatest decrease in global carbon consumption yet.


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