Should you lease or buy?

Either way, we’ll make sure you choose a plan that’s perfect for your energy lifestyle. Learn more about your options…

Purchase Your System

Invest wisely for a guaranteed return

When you opt to purchase your solar system, whether by making a cash payment in full or securing a solar loan, you gain full ownership of the system. It’s basically the equivalent of buying your own house. This means you get to enjoy not only energy independence but also the substantial energy savings and tax benefits that come with it.

  • Elevate your home’s value
  • Maximize long-term savings
  • Receive a 30% federal tax credit (extended through 2032)

LEASE Your System

Immediate savings with little to no initial costs

If you prefer to start saving on your energy bills without a significant investment right away, leasing your solar system might be the perfect choice. This is more like renting a house – the landlord (or in this case, leasing company) takes care of the maintenance. It allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of solar ownership while keeping initial costs to a minimum.

  • Lower initial investment
  • Fixed monthly expenses
  • No maintenance or repair responsibilities


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