There’s a story behind everything we do to empower our customers

The importance of being there

We learned a long time ago that the real heroes of our story are our customers. We’re just there to help them shine.


While installing Janie’s system, we detected a concerning buzz coming from her main panel. It had to be arching, a dangerous electrical flaw that can spark a fire at any time. The buzz came from an inaccessible part of the panel maintained by Janie’s utility. At this point in the story, other solar installers might have shrugged their shoulders and said, “Oh well, not my job.”  But we leapt into action. We called the utility and had them send out a repairman. When he said he’d need to shut Janie’s power off for three hot summer days until they could fixed the problem, we dug in and fixed it ourselves. At no extra charge.


On July 4th, Larry’s home in Las Vegas went dark. Kitchen. Bathrooms. AC. Everything. Unable to reach an electrician, he called us. We knew the problem wasn’t related to the recent installation of his new solar system. But Larry needed help, and we weren’t about to let him suffer through the long hot weekend without air conditioning or cold beer. So we walked Larry by phone through a series of troubleshooting steps to get at the problem. About an hour later, after having him reset a couple of faulty circuits, Larry’s power roared back to life and he was able to enjoy his holiday weekend to the fullest. We were too.


We knew from the get-go that Chase was a stickler for details. He wanted his new solar system not only to work great, but to look great too. We were more than up to the challenge. After we’d finished installing his system and making sure it was working perfectly, Chase thanked us for our hard work and attention to detail. He loved the look of his new system… but there was just one thing. He’d need to have someone come out and paint the electrical conduit to match his house. Not wanting him to wait, we rolled up our sleeves (actually they were already rolled up) and painted the conduit ourselves. That’s just how we do things.

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