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How many companies nowadays can truly claim to be a family? We hear it all the time, but what does it mean? They should treat both their employees and their customers with kindness, attention to detail, and respect. There are plenty of businesses with solar panels for sale, but is it worth not only the price of installation but the cost of your time spent trying to communicate with them?

Arcadia Solar was started as a family business, and that mindset has continued as we’ve grown. John Murphy and his sons began out in the field, doing quality work for their customers. Now, with an expanded workforce, we still put the customer first. As a local company we take pride in how much we care for each individual client, rather than let ourselves become a big corporation that does cheap work. We know going solar is not just a cool, trendy purchase but a decision that can affect your entire life, and we want your energy lifestyle to match your aspirations.

Sure, businesses are here to make money, but above all we want to enable our customers to reach their goals. As one of the most dedicated local solar companies, we have helped thousands of people attain dependable solar solutions that fit into their energy lifestyle, not forcing them to adjust to a way of living they aren’t prepared for. After you’ve met with us, you won’t have to wonder, “do you really save money with solar panels?” When your solar power solutions are customized to your needs, you know you’re getting a great deal.

We find out around how much energy you use per month so that we can make sure you’re going to be saving money before we begin the process. The number of solar panels we recommend isn’t exaggerated to take advantage of you. It’s calculated to give you the amount of solar energy you want to use. Why pay extra for something you don’t need? As a bonus, the solar PV system adds value to your house, meaning if you’re going to sell within the next few years, now’s the perfect time to up your house’s appeal.

Speaking of paying, we don’t narrow your choices down to one way of payment. You can either lease your solar system or buy it. Not sure which one works better for your situation? We’ll walk you through the options based on your home ownership situation, personal energy goals, and of course finances. Whether you want to get energy savings immediately or are ready for a long-term investment, you’ll find out what path you want to take and we’ll help guide your way.

Being a part of the family business means we want you to feel like family too. Our customers should be empowered by the knowledge we have available to them. When you are picking an installer of solar panels for your home, you don’t want to be left in the dark – literally or figuratively. Like a reliable mother or caring father, we’ll be there to guide you at any point you need us to. Arcadia is here not just to install solar panels on your roof, but to provide you with the resources you need to become educated about the process.

If you have any questions, we would love for you to contact us at any time. We believe that it’s of the utmost importance for us to take care of our customers, coworkers, and the planet. With both innovation and integrity, we work hard to sustain a brighter future for everyone. But we’re not all talk – let us show you how we put our words into action.


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