Fortifying America’s Future

People around the world are feeling the impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, especially as sanctions are brought down on the huge country. From gas prices shooting up to supply chains cut off, there have been more obvious effects in America now than during other conflicts in recent memory. As we try to reach our climate goals on time along with other countries, we need to take a look at how we approach our domestic and foreign policies.

The Build Back Better bill motivates us to attain better energy independence. This way we could rely less on countries we are at odds with and be able to provide more right away to our own citizens. The incentives it offers would help fortify the renewable energy sectors, including solar. Why not invest more into local workers and businesses who will put that money right back into our economy?

While the cost of solar has been decreasing year after year for more than a decade now, making it more affordable for anyone interested, in 2021 the average price increased. With the Build Back Better legislation, many costs would be reduced again, such as shipping, and there would be an influx of new jobs. If our government passes an extension of the solar Investment Tax Credit, solar sectors and capacities would increase substantially. Otherwise, we might not be able to hit our current 2035 decarbonization target.

If we can boost incentives for renewable energy adaptation for our residential, community, commercial, and utility-scale sectors, not only will the solar industry benefit, but our whole country will also thrive. Investing in clean energy sources is the best way to fortify America’s energy independence and reduce our reliance on countries that might not always be friendly toward us. From manufacturing to installations, the solar industry will rise in capacity. The U.S. will truly have a brighter future to look forward to.


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