Even solar is bigger in Texas

Round up your savings with the sun

Be a part of Texas’ renewable energy revolution with solar power.

Spurring El Paso’s switch to solar

Whether you’re in Chaparral, Horizon City, Socorro, or El Paso itself, you can improve your energy lifestyle. From lowering your impact on the environment to saving yourself some money on those electricity bills, solar energy can accomplish a lot. The Lone Star state has more than enough sunshine to go around, and lower-than-average solar costs, which means it’s time for you to join in on the switch.

No HOA can fight the future

If your neighborhood has a homeowners’ association (a.k.a. a property owners’ association), you might be used to going to them for approval on any changes to the external view of your house. Thanks to Texas having a solar rights law, you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to your solar panels. This law says that HOAs can’t ban solar energy systems on anyone’s property. So you can go solar without worrying about regulations getting in your way.

Look for local benefits

While Texas doesn’t have statewide tax credits or rebates, there are still plenty of great solar incentives to choose from, depending on the area you live in. Both cities and utility providers offer options for compensation that can help offset your initial costs. For example, some utility companies will pay you money for every kilowatt-hour your solar panels are able to generate. However, it’s often the case that the value of the incentive will drop as more people install solar. If you have a program like this that you can take advantage of, it’s time to go solar — the sooner the better!

What our customers have to say

Today my solar panels were installed and your team was exceptional. They were very courteous from the time they arrived at my front door to completion. They did an outstanding job with the installation. They are true professionals and I am thrilled with everything they did for me today. I wanted you to know that your company is well-represented with these fine young men that you have working for you. I would not hesitate in recommending Arcadia Solar to anyone and I am looking forward to working with you as my solar company.

Jill A.

Lots of information to answer all questions. No pressure sales made the decision easy. Great people to work with.

John M.

I had a wonderful experience! All the way from the initial contact, throughout the installation, they handled the entire process perfectly. Maribel was my point of contact who communicated every step upfront and followed up to make sure that all expectations were met. Cyrus was the on-site superintendent who was extremely thorough on the day of installation. This process hardly took up any time on my part which is probably the most important to me. I’m very excited about getting solar installed and I highly recommend Arcadia!

Jeff M.

Excellent and professional service. Everyone at Arcadia I dealt with were very nice, enthusiastic and professional, and very responsive thorough the whole process. They also took care of everything from start to finish. Couldn’t make it easier than that. Very pleased with the service. I had some specific request (cosmetics), and they did everything they could to deliver. They definitely go above and beyond.

Sea B.

Arcadia’s team is not only professional but very knowledgeable too. Solar didn’t always makes sense until they came and sat at the table with us and then we wondered why we hadn’t done it years ago. They made the transition into renewable such an easy experience I would highly recommend them to everybody!

Teresa K.

Great service, always answers when we call, very helpful, answers any questions we had, great and very kind people

Jesse R.

Absolute enjoyable experience. From show up until departure this crew was courteous, respectful, knowledgeable and professional. They were contentious about their installation, painted the conduits to match the adjacent walls, labeled and reviewed the installation from top to bottom with me. Well done gentlemen and thank you for a stress free installation.

Tracy H.

Very up front and always kept me in the loop of what was going on. installation was professionally done and passed all the inspections the first time.

Martin N.

The process was smooth and the crew did a great job. We have had our system for almost a year and we are beyond happy with it. We are seeing the savings we had hoped for with our SRP bill and love being able to monitor our production and usage through our WattWise app! Highly recommend going solar with Arcadia Solar!

Anthony N.

When I first began searching for, reviewing and researching solar companies there were many. I narrowed it down to Arcadia Solar. I quickly discovered that they had high quality and a better price. Lisa K and the gang will answer any questions quickly, want you to feel great about the product and their service. I’ve seen the kind of energy their high quality panels are procuring. It’s amazing! I would DEFINITELY recommend Arcadia Solar!!

Steven G.

Arcadia Solar was recommended to us by a really good friend of mine. From start to finish I was informed of the progress every step of the way. From the presentation all the way to the installation, the work was professional detail oriented and high-quality. I would highly recommend Arcadia Solar to anyone that is looking to install solar panels on their house. Give them a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Robert D.

If you are thinking about adding solar to your house, I highly recommend you reach out to Ryan Agnitsch, their sales rep. He was non-pressured, walked me through the rules, regulations, designed a solar plan that is efficient for my house without adding addition cost and followed up with me on every aspect from start to finish. Additionally, he kept me informed on every step of the process, submitted everything for my HOA, took care of all the paper work with SRP and always called me back right away.

Mike G.


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