Just like the sun, we always rise to the occasion

A history of doing things right

We have a long track record of integrity, impeccable workmanship and the most authentic smiles in the industry.

Why we do what we do

Arcadia Solar was founded in 2009 on a simple but revolutionary principle: solar energy should be available and affordable for everyone. This commitment to energizing lives has fueled our remarkable growth since then, making us the solar installation company of choice throughout the state of Arizona and in our other markets in Nevada and California. Today, we’re proud to be known as the first whole-home energy systems provider whose sole focus is to empower people.

What solar was meant to be

We’re all about delivering next-level customer satisfaction. That’s why we provide dependable solar energy solutions without the high-pressure sales tactics, shoddy workmanship or general “shady business” associated with too many other providers. We also help our customers navigate convoluted utility regulations so that they can optimize the value they receive in return for their investment.

We’re here to stay

According to astronomers, the sun will burn brightly for another 5 billion years or so. We plan on hanging around for a good while, too. That’s something you can count on. When you choose Arcadia Solar, you choose an energy partner who will remain at your side long after your system is installed, making sure that your system provides value for years to come.


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